Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Baked Chicken Recipes

Baked chicken recipes  abound in many different regional and national cookbooks or just in parents teaching their children how to bake a perfect chicken for dinner.
Some of the recipes call for a bare minimum in the way of seasoning or other ingredients.others add spices and sauces to create a wonderful array of baked chicken to savor and enjoy. Baked chicken is good with a salad and vegetable for a side dish.

The most important part of preparing chicken for baking is to make certain that the extra fat is removed and no pinfeathers remain on the chicken. After rinsing the chicken in cool water, place it in the pan. Add the desired amount of seasonings or spices, than cook in a preheated oven.

The temperature is usually at 350 degrees F. and the time is usually an hour or an hour and fifteen minutes depending on the size of the chicken. A whole chicken will take more time because there is more bone. If the chicken is boneless, it may take half the time, depending on how large of a pan or how much chicken is cooked.
Many recipes often use chicken stock as a basic ingredient.

Chicken baked on a rotating rack is usually spread with a sauce and herbs, such as rosemary or sage. One of the important things to remember about baked chicken recipes is that in all of them, the key is to not let the chicken become too dry.

If your chicken is too dry it is usually caused by baking it at a temperature which is too high, or for a time period that is too long.

Cooking the chicken breast side down will help the meat to remain moist. Sauces will help the problem of dry chicken; just add a quick sauce consisting of a bit of olive oil with garlic. This will bring exclamations of praise for your cooking as your guests sample your favorite baked chicken recipes.
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