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BBQ Chicken Recipes

The Paleo Recipe Book
Some of our Secrets to a Successful Chicken Barbecue
The sound and smell of chicken being barbequed on the grill is a definite sign of summer and fun with little care for serious parts of life. However, the art of successful chicken barbecue is considered to be serious work for grill enthusiasts across the nation.

The process starts with select choice pieces of chicken that has been thawed and rinsed clean. Most of the chicken pieces prepared for barbecue are the leg and thigh attached or the breast and ribs attached. The grill can be either gas or charcoal, if it is charcoal make certain that the coals are
uniform and whitish gray in color for the best heat.

The next part of the meal is the sauce that the meat is flavored with. Good barbecue sauce is composed of a blend of ingredients ranging from tomatoes, spices, sugars or molasses and garlic or onion. Some cooks prefer honey or pineapple or even coconut when making their special chicken barbecue sauce.

Chicken pieces can be either basted or marinated for flavors to soak in before or during the grilling process. A small amount of butter or lemon can be added if desired to the marinade, but do not add too much oil or butter as they will burn easily.Grilled Chickens

Cooking times vary with the amount of chicken and the size of the pieces. A half chicken may take longer to cook then a smaller piece such as a drumstick or wing.

Those who achieve success with chicken barbecue tend to turn the chicken often and regulate the time and temperature when cooking. There are also cooks to make chicken barbecue in the oven, for many this is a better way to make this dish because they do not have to watch it so closely.

A half hour or forty-five minutes at 350 degrees F. is the preferred way to bake barbecued chicken during any time of the year. Pay attention to the ingredients and cooking times and have a successful chicken barbecue for your family at any time.
The Paleo Recipe Book


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