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Chicken Liver Recipes

At first glance, the words chicken liver bring very emphatic emotions to mind, usually either vile disgust or euphoric joy at the rarely served treat that is high in cholesterol but has a good blend of nutrients.

Chicken liver recipes usually are involved with elaborate appetizers served at holiday functions.
the recipes are usually handed down culturally, in the Philippines they are commonly grilled and served with other meats and vegetables including rice.

Fried chicken livers are often a staple of families from different cultures, such as those in Middle and South American countries. Many of the American cooks do not use chicken liver except for a component of party pate platters.

For the discerning palette, properly cooked chicken livers are a wonderful treat when they are boiled, cooked with onion and garlic then mashed. Some cooks prefer to add thyme or sage and blend with softened cream cheese and spread onto crackers or hard bread. Fried chicken liver recipes usually have the chicken fat removed from them and are pared with vegetables..

Chicken liver is an important ingredient in traditional giblet gravy, which consists of the neck and giblets of the chicken being boiled and cooled before being chopped fine and made into gravy with the rest of the baked chicken drippings. Many chicken liver recipes of the American south feature chicken livers and giblets as part of holiday stuffing for turkey or chicken.

A Jewish traditional recipe features chicken livers in the dish, Knishes, which has the filling made from chicken livers that have been cooked and added to the pastry shell. For holiday appetizers, a simple way to make chicken livers is to wrap them in bacon and bake them until the bacon is done and the liver cooked thoroughly. These are best served on crackers or lightly toasted slices of French bread with sauce if desired.

Many people who do not know the benefits of chicken livers often consider the delicacy to be fit for dogs or cats. There are a wide variety of recipes used for pet treats and food, with chicken giblets and organ meats being used in their making.
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